About Our Company

Over 30 Years and Still Going Strong

Summary of Our Company

For over 30 years, Datatrax® has led the way in developing and supporting Ad Management business solutions for the publishing industry worldwide. With a broad range of business operation features including-Customer Relationship Management, Order Fulfillment, Classified Ad Billing, Directory Management, Trade Show Billing, Production Management, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections, Sales Analysis and Competitive Analysis-Datatrax® Publishing Systems provides products and services that have transformed the way publishers manage their business in the marketplace. Datatrax® is committed to providing progressive, powerful and flexible software with cost-effective solutions today and for the future technologies and operating systems of tomorrow.

How Did Datatrax® Become What It Is Today?

The History

Datatrax® released its first version of its Advertising Management software in October of 1978. Datatrax® was developed by Roy Makowsky, an innovative entrepreneur from Westport Connecticut. His company, DataSystems of Connecticut provided software applications for specific vertical markets. Datatrax® originally operated on mini-computers using proprietary operating systems.

With the advent of Personal Computers, Datatrax® moved to DOS and Xenix in 1987, and in 1989 we released our first dedicated CRM system.

In 1993 Datatrax® released its first version running on the Windows 3.1 platform.

In 1998 Datatrax® was acquired by Michael Symolon, who has continued to develop innovative software products for the advertising industry.

The year 1999 was an exciting year at Datatrax® as we released two new products. First, the inaugural release of our browser application called Agency Access, an internet based self-service tool for ad agencies to enter space reservations for themselves. We were a little ahead of the curve with Agency Access, but it was the forerunner to browser based Datatrax® software (released in 2001 on a hosted platform). Datatrax® was in the cloud before there was a cloud! The second, a feature to traffic and bill time based advertising, or what we call today web advertising.

By 2003 Datatrax® Web Billing functionality grew to a separate stand-alone application for Web/Online only companies.

In 2006, Datatrax® added or improved on functionality to track and bill sophisticated packages that can include print, web, enewsletters, trade shows, broadcasts, podcasts, and almost any other type of advertising, as well as the tracking of deferred revenue that goes along with many of these types of media.

Today, Datatrax® continues to evolve with browser based applications for the PC & MAC, not to mention handheld devices like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android powered devices.

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