Datatrax® Software Highlights

A Quick Look at the Industry Standard in Media Management

Software Overview

The Datatrax® Publishers Ad Management System is designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. From Customer Relationship Management to Production, Directory Management, Accounting, Credit and Collections, Classified Ad Billing and Trade Show Billing to Sales Reporting and Competitive Analysis all on the Internet, Datatrax® meets today's business needs for both large and small publishers.

List of Highlights

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales representatives with access to the Internet can: manage Advertiser/Agency relationships, view existing orders, add positional orders, maintain call reports, view receivables information, view electronic documents (i.e. scanned Contracts, Acknowledgments, Insertion Orders), research on demographics (unlimited groups and categories, products and industry codes), drill down to detail of individual orders and analyze contract fulfillment. Also process direct mail, blast e-mail, target marketing with Datatrax. Track sales efforts with: Notes, Calendar, Ticklers and Strategies.

Order Fulfillment

Single Order entry system populates all work area data fields with same information simultaneously. Drill down through Orders by advertiser, brand, sales representative, issue, Order type, for both current and historical orders. Orders can be categorized by type of advertisement (i.e. display, classified). Rates are managed by rate card (unlimited number of rate cards can be active at any one time). Rates exceptions (overrides) are tracked. Reporting rate exceptions include sorts by sales representative and issue. Datatrax can report on multiple revenue streams on one invoice.

Web Order Fulfillment & Billing

Datatrax® organizes and displays all pertinent data for quick entry and analysis: Contacts for both Advertisers and Agencies, Advertiser/Agency billing relationships, Advertisers' WEB Ad schedules, Deferred and Recognized Revenue, A/R and Credit History, WEB Ad Order splits between more than one sales representative and Ticklers/Reminders to facilitate Order Fulfillment through CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Production Management

Search on current and past advertisements by Advertiser, Brand, Product, Issue, Publication; ad trafficking and materials reporting; view full production process-from order entry to prepress; all work areas can monitor the production status of each Order: Tentative, Scheduled for Next Issue, Material Collection status, Payment Status, Print Status; preview advertisement page layout with PageBuilder.

Classified Ad Billing

Datatrax® calculates and bills by set parameters: by line, inch, word and character; create classified ad text "on the fly" or import from other applications; spell check capabilities; provides download of classified ads to third party imposition and layout applications.

Directory Management

Directory Management for developing and maintaining directories, exports for print and WEB.

Trade Show Billing

Trade Show Billing for billing booth space, "package deals", tracking booth inventory, proper revenue distribution between show, sponsor and print combo deals.

Accounts Receivable

Search for Account by account code, name, partial name, lookup by city, state, or any Advertiser or Agency. Reprint and e-mail invoices and statements; on-line adjustments and reporting; Short Rate and Rebates, Co-op billing; Apply payments and prepayments (Cash, Check, Credit Card, Trade) from Order Entry or Cash Receipts screens.

Credit & Collections

Set Credit limits, assign account collectors by Account; track collection agency expenses; view detail of A/R balances, payment histories and original orders; customize dunning letters, unlimited collection codes for notes and ticklers; bad debt write-off and recovery functions.

Sales & Competitive Analysis

Revenue and sales performance assessments by sales representative; comparative analysis between booked and billed advertisements from previous periods (e.g. last issue, last month, last year or any time period).

Budgets and Forecasting

Analytical reporting of estimated orders against actual booked orders; sales representative review of estimated versus actual booked orders. Goal setting for each fiscal reporting period.

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