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Services & Support Overview

We supply a variety of services to ensure you and your company are getting the most out of our software. From installation and training, to future upgrades and maintenance, we've got your covered.

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What We Offer


Our Datatrax® Advertising Management systems will be completely setup and thoroughly tested at our Datatrax® offices prior to installation at your business. This procedure ensures that the entire system is functioning correctly when it leaves our office. Systems involving electronic data conversion will be loaded with your historical data.

On Location Training

Training of your personnel is vital to the success of your computer installation. Thorough training sessions insure effective and efficient software usage. Training at our offices is always an option to those with systems included in Customer Support and Service Agreement. If new employees are hired after the installation, you always have the option of additional training at your office.

Online Training

We know how busy your day can get, and we're proud to offer flexible online training scheduled around your calendar. It's simple too. All you will need is a phone, a computer and internet connection, and we'll setup a GoToMeeting session. We'll show you, step by step, how to get the most out of our software in a timely but effective fashion, getting you on the fast track to making the revenue you desire.


We will continue to maintain a close relationship with your business well after the initial sale has been completed. Our support staff is trained to recognize the business needs of your organization and to recommend new and improved solutions for your business problems.


We are responsible for the coordination of Datatrax resources with your account to provide the necessary services to keep you a satisfied customer.

Custom Modifications and Programming

The Datatrax® technical support team assures you quick response in the development and maintenance of your specific program applications. Our staff is trained in system concepts, design, management and operations for each segment of your applications, appropriate to your needs. If you require a software modification, Datatrax® will provide, free of charge, a preliminary quotation and thumbnail specification. With written approval to begin work, we will start the project based on the quotation you have approved. With some more complex projects, we may provide a detailed written specification for your approval. Any changes to the specification, or changes in scope of project, may carry an additional charge. We will always require your approval in writing prior to beginning any billable work. We also provide regular progress reports on the larger, more complex projects.

On Going Support

In order for your system to operate continually without interruption, Datatrax® maintains a staff of systems personnel as close as a phone call away. Between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm EST, our support staff will be available to answer your operational questions as well as assist in resolving system problems by dialing: 1-888-568-6157. Outside North America dial +860-677-5577.

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