Need Combined Billing & Revenue Recognition?

Yet Another Powerful Feature of our Industry Leading Software

Why is This Important?

Revenue recognition has become increasingly more complex with multiple deliverables. It is important to have the right tools for the job. With Datatrax®, you will be better equipped to analyze the shift in pricing trends within your client base and recognize your revenue efficiently. You will also be 'in the know' so you can effectively anticipate your business projections and budgeting needs.

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Media Package Billing

Create specialized billing templates for a variety of billing plan options: Payment Plans, Bundled Billing across Media types, Recurring/Subscription billing - flat or variable rate amounts.

Sales Revenue Recognition Features

Know your reportable income utilizing a variety of revenue recognition methods based on your product type offerings: Subscription Accrual, Deferred Revenue, Inventory Sell Date. New view screens and reports on: External (Advertiser Billing) and Internal - (Publisher Reportable Income) revenue.

Combined Billing and Revenue Recognition is Fully Integrated with Sales Quoting

From the very start of the sales process, revenue recognition rules are automatically encoded into the workflow – from quoting, through the proposal process, to scheduling orders and posting billing to Accounts Receivable, the revenue and/or deferred revenue allocation is there! Also, as payments are received in the delivery process, the general ledger transactions for payments are automatically recorded based on their pre-defined allocation method. What sounds like a complex process is SOP workflow for Datatrax®. Let's face it, the sales rep only cares about getting the sale. Datatrax® ties the revenue recognition all together, and while invisible to the sales rep, is still providing the accounting side with neatly organized debits and credits. Its Revenue Recognition made simple!

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