Accounts Receivable

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About Accounts Receivable

Datatrax® Accounting and A/R capabilities include: Advertiser account inquiries: by client name, invoice number, check number or pick list; a full service billing system including invoices and statements; cash receipts, discounts and adjustment processing; tracking net/gross dollars and pages-booked and billed by Issue or Advertiser contact; and rate card analysis-to name a few. Datatrax® also features a variety of standardized reports which have a matrix of user-defined sort options available. Accounting and A/R reports provide management the tools to audit current and historical sales revenues, as well as forecasting future trends. These reports include: Aged Trial Balance, A/R Ranking, Cash Receipts Aging and Sales Reports, as well as other analysis reports.

Accounts Receivable Features & Benefits

Standard Features

Datatrax Accounts Receivable Screen Shot
  • Tracks complete account invoice history for accurate audit trail
  • Add Notes from Accounts Receivable to log special invoicing and tear sheet instructions
  • Create Dunning letters for Advertisers and send by email in PDF format
  • User-defined general ledger codes to post transactions to sets of accounts based on both the Advertiser and the item sold for quick and easy cost and revenue distribution
  • Client statement formats can be either open item or balance forward and set to different sort options including: Over specified balance, aging period, past due amount
  • Optionally computes and posts finance charges for any or all specified accounts
  • Prints statements by payment terms to expedite the mailing of the most urgent ones first
  • Automatic commission calculations (generated when saving invoices or credit memos)
  • Advertiser billing items may be added during order entry "on the fly"
  • Accepts and tracks non-accounts receivable transaction (e.g., Trade from Advertisers)
  • Real-time Aged Trial Balance Reporting provides immediate status for Current Balance, Billings and Receipts
  • Print or send invoices via e-mail in batches or individually; forms can be printed, exported to a spreadsheet, sent via email or saved to a file
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