Insertion Order Entry & Order Processing

Keeping You Organized and Highly Profitable

Order Fulfillment Summary

Datatrax® organizes and displays all pertinent Order Processing data for quick entry and analysis: Contacts for both Advertisers and Agencies, Advertiser/Agency billing relationships, Advertisers' contract insertion schedule, A/R and Credit History, Insertion Order splits between more than one sales representative and Ticklers/Reminders to facilitate Order Fulfillment through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - to name a few.

Order Entry Features & Benefits

Standard Features

Contact Lookup
  • Emailable Contracts, Acknowledgements and other documents
  • Automatic Credit Checking based on Terms and Credit History
  • Bill Print Space, Internet Advertising, and Miscellaneous Items
  • Quick Pick-Ups and Order Copy for one or multiple Orders
  • Multi-Issue Order Entry from standard Order Entry screen
  • Unlimited Rate Cards and Advertising Space Types across Publications
  • Copy Rate Cards across Publications
  • Space and Position Inventory
  • Enter Advertiser Prepayments and Credit Card Payments from Order Entry Screen
  • Order Processing Notes for viewing across all Departments
  • Check Order Status "at a glance" including all Past History, Current and Future Orders
  • Order Reporting on many sort options: Sales Representative, Region, Territory, Classification, Product, Brand, Ad Type, Ad-Size and more
  • Exportable Data Interfaces to Excel and other programs
  • Email links to send Advertisers/Agencies PDF forms, letters and reminders
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