Web Order Fulfillment & Billing

Web Advertising and Trafficking with Datatrax®

About Web Billing

Web advertising is one of the fastest growing revenue generating media around. Datatrax® provides a single entry, integrated database with advanced Browser Based functionality that makes sharing data easy. Whether your work groups are sharing data across the room or around the world, Datatrax® has the tools to keep everyone informed.

Web Advertising and Trafficking Features

Web Advertising Order Entry

Web Order Entry Screen

Datatrax® organizes and displays all pertinent data for quick entry and analysis: Contacts for both Advertisers and Agencies, Advertiser/Agency billing relationships, Advertisers' WEB Ad schedules, Deferred and Recognized Revenue, A/R and Credit History, WEB Ad Order splits between more than one sales representative and Ticklers/Reminders to facilitate Order Fulfillment through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - to name a few.

Web Billing Standard Features

  • Emailable Contracts, Acknowledgements and other documents
  • Track Start Date, End Date and Digital Ad ID information
  • Manage Deferred and Recognized Revenue
  • Record Guaranteed Impressions over life of the Contract
  • Track, Websites, Banners, Window Shades, Sponsorships and more
  • Bill ancillary items such as Design, Creative, and Bonuses
  • Automatic Credit Checking based on Terms and Credit History
  • Quick Pick-Ups and Order Copy for one or multiple Orders
  • Multi-Issue Order Entry from standard Order Entry screen
  • Unlimited Rate Cards and Advertising Space Types across Profit Centers
  • Web Space and Position Inventory
  • Enter Advertiser Prepayments and Credit Card Payments on the Order Entry Screen
  • Monitor Order Status "at a glance" including all Past History, Current and Future Orders
  • Exportable Data Interfaces to Excel and third party software applications
  • Email links to send Advertisers/Agencies PDF forms, letters and reminders

Deferred Revenue

Deferred Revenue Screen

Datatrax® also tracks the revenue side of the business. Datatrax® can auto-create the General Ledger transactions recognizing monthly revenue and recording the off-set to deferred revenue (debit and offsetting credit). These transactions can be imported from the viewable G/L export file, or you can decide which elements you wish to "pull" from the G/L Table.

Revenue can be calculated for monthly recognition, one-time recognition or recognized based on number of days and reported monthly.

Datatrax® Integration

Datatrax® integrates Sales, Production, Fulfillment, E-commerce, and Accounting. One Unified database to collect and analyze your evolving data.

Datatrax® has hundreds of satisfied users managing over a thousand publications. Our Customer Support Department answers better than 96% of all incoming support calls, live, during normal working hours, as they come in, and by a trained Datatrax® support professional.

Datatrax® is scalable from a single user stand-alone system to publishing companies with over 250 simultaneous users.

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